Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Daily Posts

I'm going to start a new thing called Daily Posts.

I am really excited about this. Here are the Daily Topics:

Monday Mania are ideas that I come up with. I will post these on Monday's. Hopefully it will be every Monday. I will have the whole weekend to stir up ideas and the best part is that you will have the whole week to prepare them and do them for your significant other!

We all know I love to cook! So on Tuesday I will post recipes. These recipes will always be recipes I have previously tried. Now I never come up with my own recipes. I wish I could but I am not that talented. A lot of times I modify recipes a find online just a little! But i usually stick straight to the recipe. I will only post recipes that I find are AMAZING. These recipes will be for all meals.

Wednesday Willingness is going to be a day dedicated to do something for your spouse/significant other. These will be simple tasks such as no arguments for a day or positive thinking day, etc. You will see an improvement in your relationship with just these small willing adjustments.

I know, I know, Thursday didn't get a catchy title like the rest. Sorry, it's all I could come with.
Thursday Ideas will be all about linking other bloggers ideas or ideas I find online
(maybe I should call it Thursday Links???)
These ideas will be for anything! Crafts, food, home decor, etc.

And finally.....

Friday Facts is going to be all about interesting facts I find about dating and relationships, exercise, eating, being positive, etc. I think these facts will serve as a real eye opener and help us improve our everyday lifestyle!

There we go! Five full days of Creative Romance.

And.. since today is Wednesday Willingness I think we all could work on our positive attitudes today.
Let's really try to be happy and positive with everything that comes our way today.
Throw negativity out the door and look for the good in everything!
 After all we are already halfway through the week!!!

Have a good day!

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