Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Facts

It's time for the hard cold facts!

Since my Wednesday Willingness was on positive thinking I decided to google the benefits of a positive attitude.

I found these on

  1. You are more motivated to get things done and achieve your goals when you have a positive attitude.
  2. You expect positive outcomes and results, and you usually get them.
  3. Problems are no longer problems, but become opportunities to learn and grow.
  4. You have higher self-esteem. You believe in yourself and what you are capable of.
  5. You see opportunities where other people see problems.
  6. Your thinking is more creative.
  7. You have more inspiration and you rely less on others to help motivate you.
  8. You are generally much happier.
  9. You have much less stress.
  10. Your health is better because you are less stressed.
  11. Your immune system is stronger.
  12. You will live a longer life.
  13. You have more friends. Who wants to hang out with somebody who is negative?
  14. You are more influential.
  15. People will respect you more.
  16. You make a better leader or manager.
  17. Your significant other will like being around you more.
  18. Achieving success is easier and more fun.
  19. You have more perseverance since you expect things will turn out well in the end
  20. You have more energy. Negativity can really drain you!
  21. You will affect others have a more positive attitude. Attitudes are contagious.
  22. You bounce back from setbacks much faster.
  23. You enjoy your work more.
  24. Your kids will like being around you more.
  25. You enjoy more success in all areas of life.
Holy cow! Who knew such a small thing would change so many other things! It's amazing how something so good for you and benefit so many different aspects about your life. I am definitely going to try to be more positive now that I know all this! I especially like number 17: Your significant other will like being around you more. That is a great reason to want to be positive all the time. The other 24 benefits are now just bonuses!

If you ever find it difficult to think positively try exercising or meditating on a regular basis!
Both really help the brain and body!

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