Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heavenly Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Remember my Valentine's Day strawberries???

I had to run out and buy more strawberries to make more the next day!

Here is a tutorial so you can make them too!

First you need to get some wax paper to avoid sticking.

Now it's time to prepare the strawberries. Wash them, pat them dry
{if they are wet the chocolate won't stick very well}
then pull the stems out of the way.

Once they are all prepared it's time to get the chocolate ready.

It depends on how many strawberries you are going to make
 but I usually just 'eye' how much chocolate I need.

I always use a little more milk chocolate chips than white.

Here is what I use for one container of strawberries

Now it's time to heat the chocolate.
I do this separately, heating the milk chocolate chips first.

Heat in small intervals.

I do 20 seconds at first stirring every time and once it starts melting I go to 15 second intervals.

{ watch it very closely }

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you stir every time!
Even when it looks like they aren't melting very much!!!

Once it's pretty much all the way melted it's time to add a little milk.
{ just a little }

Mix it in and heat once more.
{ if you add too much milk simply add more chocolate chips }

It should look like this when it's all finished

See how smooth and silky this is!

Now it's time to add to a plastic baggie.
Make sure it's already out and opened.
There isn't much time to lose!

Once it's in the bag cut a SMALL hole in the corner

You want the chocolate to come out slowly.

Apply light pressure when squeezing.

Go back and forth in zig-zig motions all over the strawberries.

Repeat the whole process with white chocolate.

And ta-dah!You have yourself some very delicious strawberries.

I added a little too much milk to my white chocolate.
{ but they were still scrumptious }

Absolutely Mouthwatering!

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